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Below are some frequently asked questions about concerns, general and specific, you may have when encountering water, fire, or mold damage in or around your home.

Q: Can ProStop Restoration do more than restoration and remediation?

A: Yes, we are not limited to restoration and remediation from damages. We can and do take part in building your property back up to its full potential in the form of rebuilding and renovation services. These services include electrical, plumbing, AC, framing, doors/trim, drywall, painting, and roofing.

Q: Are the products used for cleaning and remediation safe for my pets and kids?

A: Yes. All the products we use are pet and kid-friendly.

Q: Does ProStop provide restoration to specific products (ie: furniture or rugs)?

A: Yes. We evaluate the damage to see if the items can be restored. If restoration is possible, we take the soiled items to our facilities. There we clean and restore the items, such as soot-caked furniture or water-logged rugs, with proper equipment. If there is a cleaning service we cannot provide at our facility, we will outsource to a trusted partner to restore the product.

Q: Can people live in my home while restoration services are going on?

A: Sometimes. This depends on the location and severity of the damage. For instance, if we are providing services in a yard or in a basement where there is no daily foot-traffic, then people can carry on as usual. However, if we are addressing severe damage in the living spaces of homes, it will be advised that the residents vacate for the time.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help in the process of restoring my property?

A: Yes. In addition to making a call promptly to ProStop Restoration, there are dos and don’ts to help the process of restoration move along:

DO get out of harm’s way. Before anything else, your safety is number one.

DO take pictures or video of the damages. This is helpful when working with insurance adjustors.

DON’T throw things away. Keep all items for review from adjustors.

DO remove valuable belongings (such as jewelry) from the home and store safely elsewhere when we are restoring and rebuilding.

Q: When should I make the call about standing water?

A: Immediately. Even if you think things are not that bad, they can and do get worse. It is better to have ProStop evaluate and address the situation before it escalates or creates new, unwanted problems. Outside the home, stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects that carry disease and could pose health risks to your and your family. Inside the home, the longer you leave water, the more difficult it is to clean as mold and mildew can grow as a result.

Q: When should I make the call about mold growth?

A: Immediately. Where there is a small area of mold on the surface, there may be a field of mold growing underneath (ie: behind walls). We frequently encounter this. Mold spores get into the air and create health risks, especially for those with weakened immune systems.

Q: How can I keep mold growth at bay?

A: -Use dehumidifiers in closed spaces and air conditioning to reduce humidity levels.

-Use cleaning products that have mold and mildew-killing properties.

-Avoid carpets and rugs in areas that hold moisture, such as bathrooms and basements.

-Ventilate the home using ceiling, window, and exhaust fans (especially for the kitchen and bathroom. Opening windows and doors when appropriate can also improve ventilation.

Q: Why should I call about fire damage if it appears I can just clean it up myself?

A: 1. Not all fire damage is made equal. Different substances (ie: natural, protein based, synthetic, oil burner) have different burning properties. An understanding of the different cleaning methods for each type of substance is necessary.

  1. Smell can persist. Even if a surface looks clean, it may still be holding onto tiny particles of smoke that are invisible without a microscope. Likewise, these tiny particles will attach themselves to hidden places, like corners or underneath carpets. It is best to trust a service with experience in smoke particle-removal to make sure all spaces are addressed properly.

Q: Is it safe to consume food that is in my home during a fire?

A: No. Extreme heat will expand and contract containers. That process of expanding and contracting can let in food spoilage bacteria, which poses a health risk. Likewise, food that has been in contact with fire-extinguishing substances is not safe to consume. But… do not throw these products out. Allow the insurance adjustors that work with ProStop Restoration to review them before disposal.

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